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Emanation Podcast: Episode 2

Emanation Podcast: Episode 2


Episode 2 Part 1 notes:

Welcome to Episode 2 part 1.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Quinlan Kirchner, Colin Campbell, and Alex Sokol and listen to them talk about their favorite Chicago venues, the rise and role of the DIY scene and the eclectic nature of making music in this city.  At the end of the episode, Quin and Alex, give a brief insight of what you can expect from Quin’s band, Metal Tongues and from Alex’s solo project for the next Emanation show, which is Saturday, April 22nd @ Century Mallet – show starts @9:30 pm  Also in that show is Danny Van Duerm’s solo project, Von Drum and live score painting from Zach Bartz.

Quinlan Kirchner (Wild Belle, NOMO, Quin Kirchner Group)

Colin Campbell (Third Coast Percussion Studio Manager, Harp Technician, Century Mallet)

Alex Sokol (Sound for Blue Man Group Chicago, Audiovisual Technician for Art Institue of Chicago, Common Knowledge, Solo Artist)

Audio Engineer: Alex Sokol

Host and Editor: Tom Benko

Website: Matt Potts

If you would like to support this podcast or the artists performing at the live events, you can donate here:

Emanation Podcast: Episode 1

Emanation Podcast: Episode 1


Emanation Podcast: Episode 1 – Rob Andre (Chicago Drum Exchange Manager) and Makaya McCraven (Jeff Parker, Marquis Hill, producer).


Next live Emanation event is 2.26 @ Century Mallet.  Details here:Emanation XI


Chicago Drum Exchange


Engineer: Alex Sokol

Editor: Colin Campbell

Website: Matt Potts

Host and Curator: Tom Benko


If you would like to support this podcast or the artists performing at the live events, you can donate here:


BST = Briar Street Theater

6.10 – w/ Kevin Presbrey Band @Highway Life West – Lily Lake, IL

6.11 – w/ Blue Man Group @BST – 8pm

6.13 – w/ Summer Session Clinic @ Emmons Middle School

6.16 – w/ Blue Man Group @BST – 8pm

6.18 – w/ Blue Man Group @BST – 8pm

6.23 – w/ Kevin Presbrey Band @ The Local – Nashville, TN

6.25 – w/ Blue Man Group @BST – 8pm

6.30 – w/ Greg Hyde Band @Private Event

7.3 – w/ Kevin Presbrey Band @ Highlands Country Club

7.7 – w/ Blue Man Group @ BST – 5pm

7.13 – w/ Kevin Presbrey Band @ Palatine Concert Series  – Palatine, IL 6:30pm

7.14 – Kevin Presbrey Band @ Naperville Ale Fest – Naperville, IL Noon

7.14 – w/ Blue Man Group @ BST – 5pm, 8pm



Minor Characters released ‘We Can’t Be Wrong’ and is out everywhere you listen to music! Find updates here: Minor Characters

We Can’t Be Wrong release show is May 11th @ Subterranean!  Details here: FB Event

Tom is now a proud endorser of Sabian cymbals!

Tom is writing the percussion score for Musical Therapy (The Musical) which just ran at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago and will go up in Washington DC in late May. Find updates here: Musical Therapy