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BST = Briar Street Theater


4.8 – With Clocktower @ Emanation – The White Room @ 9:30pm

4.10 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 1pm,4pm

4.13 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 12pm

4.14 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 8pm

4.15 – With Kevin Presbrey @Shakers – Ottawa, IL

4.16 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 5pm

4.17 – With Clocktower @ CIMMFest

Emanation + The Dojo Live Score Event @ Old Town School of Folk Music

4.18 – With Clocktower @ St. Charles North HS – St. Charles, IL

4.20 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 2pm

4.21 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 2pm

4.22 – With Clocktower @ Antioch HS – Nashville, TN

4.24 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 1pm, 4pm

4.25 – With Clocktower @ Rock Falls HS – Rock Falls, IL

4.27 – With Clocktower @ The Music Shoppe – Normal, IL

4.28 – With Chicago Bears Drumline @ NFL Draft – Millennium Park in Chicago

4.29 – With Kevin Presbrey @ Kill Kennys – Davenport, IA

4.30 – With Kevin Presbrey @ Kill Kennys – Davenport, IA

5.1 – With Blue Man Group @BST – 4pm












This is curating a joint, Emanation + The Dojo, collective at CIMMFest this year.  This event will include some of Chicago’s hardest working musicians and visual media artists coming together to create in real time. Each duo of musicians will score their exclusive video as a section of the entire story, which will include live poetic narration by Mykele Deville and live painting by a Dojo curated artist.  Emanation + The Dojo will take places at The Chop Shop in Chicago, Sunday April 17th at 3pm.

Thomas is proud to announce he is now a part of the Etymotic Artist roster.  Etymotic, founded in 1983 to design products that accurately assess hearing, improve the lives of those with hearing loss, protect hearing, and enhance the listening experience of musicians and music lovers everywhere.

Thomas recently appeared on episode #58 of The Throne: A Drumming Podcast.  Visit http://thethronepodcast.com or on iTunes to listen to the podcast and follow host Colin Campbell bi-weekly.