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BST = Briar Street Theater


5.18 – W/ Kevin Presbrey @ Long Grove Fest – 2pm

5.23 – W/ Blue Man Group @BST – 8pm

5.24 – W/ Blue Man Group @BST – 5pm, 8pm

5.26 – W/ Kevin Presbrey  @ Round Bar Winery – Baroda, MI – 1pm

5.30 – W/ Blue Man Group @BST – 2pm

5.31 – W/ Kevin Presbrey @ Firewater Saloon – Edison Park, Chicago – 8pm

6.2 – W/ Blue Man Group @BST – 7pm

6.7 – W/ Greg Hyde @ Fiora’s – Geneva, IL – 6pm



Tom’s first solo album ‘Rodina’ will be out digitally March 22nd.  Look for it on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify!


Minor Characters released ‘We Can’t Be Wrong’ and is out everywhere you listen to music! Find updates here: Minor Characters

Steve Bateman interviewed Tom about his love of sports and music.  Check out the podcast episode here:

On The Rise Podcast Featuring Tom Benko

Tom is now a proud endorser of Sabian cymbals!

Find updates about  Musical Therapy here!