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BST = Briar Street Theater


9.28 – W/ Greg Hyde @Private Event – New Jersey

10.5 – W/ Minor Characters @ Sleeping Village – 10pm > LAST SHOW

10.6 – W/ Blue Man Group @ BST – 2pm

10.13 – W/ Blue Man Group @ BST – 2pm

10.31 – W/ Chicago Bulls Stampede @ United Center

11.3 – W/ Well Informed Citizens @ Tonic Room – 9pm


Minor Characters released ‘We Can’t Be Wrong’ and is out everywhere you listen to music! Find updates here: Minor Characters

Steve Bateman interviewed Tom about his love of sports and music.  Check out the podcast episode here:

On The Rise Podcast Featuring Tom Benko

Tom is now a proud endorser of Sabian cymbals!

Find updates about  Musical Therapy here!